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Certified Alloys

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Designed Alloys produces certified alloys in 21-lb ingots in our state-of-the-art melt shop that includes twin 6-ton Coreless Induction Furnaces and a 5-ton Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) refining vessel. Our fully-equipped lab includes a Panalytical Axios-Max Metals XRF Spectrometer, as well as Leco CS230 and TC500 units, which provide the assurance that our products meet specifications.



Cobalt & Nickel Alloys

Cobalt Alloys Nickel Alloys Ni-Cu Alloys Copper-Nickel Alloys
CO-3 CW12MW M-35-1 (COMP A) C962 (90/10)
CO-4 CX2MW M-30-H (COMP B) C964 (70/30)
CO-6 CW6M M-25S (COMP C-D)  
CO-12 Nickel Alloy B M-30C (COMP E)  
CO-19 Nickel Alloy C    
CO-21 Nickel Alloy X    
CO-25 600    
CO-31 625    
F-75 CZ100    
ALLOY J X-45 800    
FSX-414 825    



Steel Alloys

Carbon Steel Low Alloy Steel Tool Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Duplex Stainless
1018 4130 A-2 All 300 Series 15-5 CE8MN
1020 4140 D-2 All 400 Series 17-4 CD6MN
1025 4320 S-5 NIT-50 CD4mCu CD3MN
1030 4340 S-7 NIT-60 CD4MCuN CD3MWCuN
1040 6150 M-2 CN7M   CK3MCuN
1050 8620 H-13 CA6NM   CN3MN
WCB 8630 O-1      
  52100 O-2      



Brass and Bronze Alloys


Red Brass


Yellow Brass









C836 C858 C862 C873 C952 70/30 Cu Ni Shot
C844 C857 C865 C875 C953 50/50 Cu Ni Shot
      C87610 C954 90/10 Cu Co Shot
        C955 15% P Cu Shot





Raw Materials



 .025 LcFeCr (.025 Low Carbon Ferro Chrome) .05 LcFeCr (.05 Low Carbon Ferro Chrome)
 .10 LcFeCr (.10 Low Carbon Ferro Chrome)  75% Fe Si (Ferro Silicon)
 Al (Aluminum) Armco (Armco Iron)
 AlCr (Aluminothermic Chrome) CaSi (Calcium Silicon Deoxidizer)
 Co (Cobalt)  Cu (Copper)
 ElCr (Electrolytic Chrome)  ELMn (Electrolytic Manganese)
 Fe (Iron)  FeB (Ferro Boron)
 FeMn (Ferro Manganese)  FeMo (Ferro Molybdenum)
 FeNb (Ferro Niobium)  FeS (Ferro Sulfur, Iron Pyrite)
 FeSi (Ferro Silicon)  FeSiZr (Ferro Silicon Zirconium)
 FeTi (Ferro Titanium)  FeV (Ferro Vanadium)
 FeW (Ferro Tungsten)  MAGSTIXS (Magnesium Sticks)
 Mo (Molybdenum)  Nb (Niobium)
 NiAg (Nickel Silver Flux)  NiB (Nickel Boron)
 Ni (Nickel)  NiMg1 (Nickel Magnesium #1)
 NiMg3 (Nickel Magnesium #3)  NiNb (Nickel Niobium)
 NiOx (Nickel Oxide Sinter)  NiTlCFeCr (Nitrogen Low Carbon Electrolytic Ferro Chrome)
 Si (Silicon)  SiTi (Silicon Titanium)
Ti (Titanium)  W (Tungsten)
 Zn (Zinc)  





Acceptable Material



Stainless Steels Ni/Cr Alloys Ni/Cr/Mo Alloys Ni/Co Alloys Vacuum and Air Alloys Ni/Cu Alloys Cu/Ni Alloys Tool Steel Titanium
304 (18/8) 309, 25/12, HH Incoloy® 825 F 75 Inconel® 625 Monel® R 70/30 M1 Ferro Ti
301 310, 25/20, HK Alloy 286 Haynes Stellite® 6 Inconel® 718 Monel® K 80/20 M2 6-4 Bulk weldable
201 330, 35/15, HT AL6xn Haynes Stellite® 21 Inconel® 713 Others as supplied 90/10 M35 CP Grades
316 38/18, HU Duplex 2205 Co 25 Hastalloy® B - Others as supplied M42 Others as supplied
400 Invar Alloy 20 Co 31 Hastalloy® 276 - - H13 -
430 Carpenter 42 245 SMO Co 12 Hastalloy® X - - D2 -
17/4 Incoloy® 800 Haynes Stellite® 230 Co 1 Others as supplied - - T1 -
Others as supplied Incoloy® 601 Others as supplied Co 3 - - - T15 -
- Incoloy® 600 - Others as supplied - - - Carbide -
- Others as supplied - - - - - Others as supplied -



Unacceptable Material



Conflict Minerals Policy


Designed Alloy Products, Inc. is committed to using only materials that comply with U.S. and international law.


Using a policy based on Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) guidelines, due diligence is exercised within our supply chain. A reasonable country of origin verification (RCOI) is conducted for our suppliers that market materials within the scope of Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.


All definitions and correspondence comply with the Security Exchange Commission’s interpretations of Conflict Mineral statutes.